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Akufo-Addo will continue to sleep at public so vote him out- Black Rasta

Radio presenter and Reggae artist, Blakk Rasta has aimed another jibe at the president, Nana Akufo Addo for always dozing at public events in a fresh interview.

Black Rasta admitted that the elderly have wisdom to share, but insisted that the hectic nature of being President lead elderly persons to sleep because of their age.

“In Africa, we believe that old men have wise counsel. But if you elect some as President at the age of 75, his Senior Minister is 77 years. And they are the ones running left, right, centre, trying to fix the economy…they will end up sleeping.

“They will sleep because old men, old women, in fact, they easily get tired and they will fall asleep. If it is a young man who falls asleep, people will ask whether or not he is sick. But if an old man is asleep, you tell people not to disturb him; the old man is asleep,” he told Kofi Adomah on Kofi TV.

“You see, that’s the sense behind it.  If you love the old man, let him relax. Why do we have the Council of Elders? We have Council of Elders to have elderly people who are brainy, to be there and give wise counsel,” he said.

The outspoken Barack Obama hitmaker further turned his missiles at the electorate for selecting old men to run the country when their physical strength can’t meet the demand of the job.

“At the helm of the nation’s duty,  if you put an old man there, who retired fifteen years ago from the normal public service age, to be President, you are doing Africa a disservice. It is not good. We have to think about it.   It is a no-no. That’s it!” he lamented.

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