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Akufo Addo and his family members are corrupt- Martin Amidu reveals

Writing in his resignation letter which comes barely a month after he submitted an explosive corruption report on AGYAPA royalties Limited, Mr. Amidu said the President’s reaction to his report indicting some NPP government officials including his finance minister and cousin Ken Ofori Atta shows the President ‘laboured under the mistaken belief’ that the special prosecutor was his poodle.

“The one condition upon which I accepted to be nominated as the SP when you invited me to your office on 10th January 2018 was your firm promise to me that you will respect and ensure same by your government for my independence and freedom of action as the Special Prosecutor” Amidu wrote.

He added, ”Several things have happened since then. But your reaction to my letter with reference number OSP/SCR/20/12/20 dated 16th October 2020 which was delivered to you on 19th October 2020 conveying to you the conclusions and observations of the analyses of the risk of corruption and anti-corrution assessment of the AGYAPA Royalties Limited transactions convinces me beyond every reasonable doubt that you had laboured under the mistaken belief that I could hold the office of the special prosecutor as your poodle”.

There have been mixed reaction to Martin Amidu’s resignation as special prosecutor as some believe that he should have resigned a long time ago from his job considering that he received his appointment two years after his warrant of appointment was issued by the President, an indication that the President was never serious about fighting corruption within his own government. But Amidu’s resignation and the revelations he made has cleared all doubts that the President is aware of and endorses corrupt activities in his government.

According to Martin Amidu, President Akufo Addo tried to unduly influence him to insert comments from the finance minister into his damning report in order to water it down. This was after the President invited Martin Amidu to a meeting on a Sunday and asked him to delay the release of the corruption assessment report on the AGYAPA royalties limited. To the dismay of Martin Amidu, the President openly tried to discredit the report. Amidu immediately served notice of his intention to resign as a sign of resistance to the unholy attempts by the President to cover up and preside over corruption in the NPP government.

The President has so far not responded publicly to the damning allegations made by Martin Amidu in his letter of resignation. However, these revelations have come as a massive blow to any facade of fighting corruption in the current NPP government and has further exposed dishonesty on the part of a President who has been misleading Ghanaians that he is incorruptible while at the same time covering up corrupt acts within his own government made up of family and friends.

Many Ghanaians including members of the ruling NPP have been expressing shock at the revelations though the President’s supporters are blaming Martin Amidu for failure to fight corruption rather than pointing fingers at a self-proclaimed incorruptible President who has been exposed for the massive cover up of corruption within his own regime.

It has also become very clear why corruption is not a theme in the President’s campaign messages for the 2020 elections considering that in 2016 he rode on the back of baseless corruption allegations against the NDC government of John Mahama to win power.

Not surprisingly, the Nana Addo NPP government has not only woefully failed to prosecute any former NDC government official for corruption, their own appointed special prosecutor has now resigned to openly protests corruption in the NPP government and the apparent attempt by the President himself to cover it up using the office of special prosecutor.

The question on the lips of many Ghanaians is whether President Akufo Addo actually created the office of special prosecutor to fight corruption as he claimed or to cover up corruption as Martin Amidu has alleged

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