The District Chief Executive for Akrofuom in the Ashanti – Region Hon. Maurice Jonas Woode has disclosed that the assembly has dissolved private security guards deployed to ensured illegal chain saw operators do not enter into their forest for illegal chain saw activities.

He revealed this to metro news, adding that, the task force by the district Assembly realised that, after the security men have been on duty the activities of illegal chain sawing was still ongoing ,therefore, thorough investigation revealed that the security guards were taken bribes to allowed the illegal chain saw operators into the forest.

” The forest give us major revenue , so we planned to allowed that “Ackaah Security” guard do the job for us by preventing the illegal chain sawing…we later found out that the illegal chain sawing was still ongoing….after our investigations we caught the security men taken bribes from these illegal chain saw operators, allowing them into the forest “, he reiterated.

In addition, he stated that, the assembly upon their meetings have agreed to established health centres for some communities at the area since it has become major challenge for the people.

” In fact, the district Assembly have met and agreed to put up some health centres for our people, these health centre issues have over the days becomes major problem to my people, hence the need for such interventions”, he emphasized.

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