Airforce officer shot dead by policeman

An Airforce officer was gunned down by a police officer on boxing day in Calabar, Cross River state.

Val Monfort Sixtus was shot dead by a police sergeant on Wednesday,  December 26 at Unity Bank ATM along Marian Road, Calabar.

The incident happened just hours before the Carnival Calabar Cultural Parade was to begin.

According to a statement issued and signed by the Nigeria Air Force, NAF Special Mobility Group, Calabar on the 26th December, 2018, the victim’s body has been taken to the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, UCTH.


Airforce officer shot dead by policeman in Calabar


The incident report, NAF17/32770 CPL VAL MU, reads:

The Airman was shot at about 0950HRS on 26 Dec 18 by a Police Sergeant at Unity Bank along Marian Road, Calabar. The remains of the deceased has been taken to the UCTH for autopsy. Though situation was tensed, TPS have been briefed to remain calm.


Airforce officer shot dead by policeman in Calabar


The Cross River Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Irene Ugbo, while explaining what led to the shooting, said:

The Police Officer that was posted to the bank as point of duty was sitting down when all of a sudden he heard some noise from the ATM Machine Stand.

So, his duty as a Police Officer was to go there and find out what was really happening.

When he got there, he was trying to interfere and he was like what is happening here?

All of a sudden, the whole crowd attacked him, so, he released a bullet which went straight to an Air Force Officer.

Although, he didn’t know because they were not on uniform – they were all on mufti. They actually attacked him, they slapped the Policeman first before he released the bullet, but it’s under control.

The Airman died at the point, but the Commander and the Commissioner of Police were able to bring down the situation.

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