Adaklu MP shot at; bullets rattle vehicle

Adaklu MP shot at; bullets rattle vehicle

The Member of Parliament for the Adaklu Constituency says he by no means feels safe in the face of the promise by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) of a safe country.
The MP says he was shot at two months ago while returning from a trip to the constituency.

“I was shot at two months ago… it’s my first experience… this has not happened to me before.”
Agbodza’s comments come on the back of the IGP’s assurance that the police were in charge and that the country was safe under his leadership.
The country has in the past three weeks recorded six deaths of police officers.

The latest was an attack on the Kwabenya Police Station which left one officer, Inspector Emmanuel Ashilevi dead.

The attack resulted in a cell break with seven inmates absconding, triggering a public outcry about the safety of the general public.
Eleven individuals have, however, been arrested over that incident.

Speaking on TV3’s New Day, the MP for Adaklu said the fact that individuals can attack a police station upon all its supposed safety leaves him in fear since he doesn’t have such security at his home.
Mr Agbodza said though the government needs to do more, much of the high levels of insecurity should be blamed on the political atmosphere, which he suggests is encouraged by the non-punishment of people close to government when they commit atrocities.

The MP alleges Parliament has some individuals in green jumpers “who some people have said are Invisible Forces trained at Asutuare” on the corridors of Parliament “[and] distributed around without any information to parliamentarians and they say they are another level or layer of security”.
“I haven’t seen any document in Parliament seeking to augment their current situation,” the National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP said.

The MP also says though Adaklu has been elevated to a district status, it has no proper district command.


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