Accountant breaks wife’s head & hands as he assaults her with metal bar

Mr Mwansa, who is an accountant in Zambia reportedly fled after assaulting his wife with a metal bar with which he broke her head and hands.

Facebook user, Tamaranji Nkhoma disclosed that her once beautiful sister has now been left with scars by the man she married who keeps assaulting her. Here’s what she wrote;

A sorry excuse for a husband. You better show yourself, the law will take its course this time. No more silence and family meetings to hear your sorries. Enough is enough!
We are lucky she dint die.

How can you beat a woman with a metal bar in the head, body and break her hands? That’s nothing short of you committing murder. You coward! This is really disgusting and inhuman.

You show yourself and let’s see how man you are, we are waiting for you. And trust me you ll get what you deserve.

Am putting you on blast because you have no respect for us as a family and think my sister is your punching bag, this is barbaric. Know this, this is the last time those filthy hands will touch her, Pray these injuries don’t kill her coz my friend your freedom is highly limited. How can you rob her of her beautiful self, all she has now is scars, always blue and black

Source: kemifilani

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