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A Rape of Democracy,Clear Case of Judicial Miscarriage that must be corrected . Dr .Sani Reacts 


A Rape of Democracy,Clear Case of Judicial Miscarriage that must be corrected .

Dr .Sani Reacts
The founder of Deservation. Org and the prime mover of the Pukka Initiative, Dr.Sani Adamu has responded angrily to the judgement of the President Election Tribunal as a clear case of judicial mishap by the judges which must be rectified by the supreme Court .
Speaking to journalists outside the court on Wednesday immediately after the ruling, Dr.Sani Said
“This ruling is not the true reflection of the what truly transpired “
And as such it is rape of democracy and travesty of judicial proceedings
“This ruling must be reversed by the Supreme court “.
On the dismissal of allegation of forgery by the Tribunal, said reacted by saying
“Justice M. Garba said it doesn’t matter whether the name is Mohamed or Mohammadu. As far as there’s Buhari inside, the document belongs to him.
“Meaning, it doesn’t matter whether the name is Victoria Jonathan or Victor  Jonathan. As far as there’s Jonathan, it’s the same person.
This is a clear case of miscarriage of Justice which we hope the supreme court must address”
The Human Right activist also queried the whereabout of the certificate since the Arny said it is not in custody of it and since it was not received by the National Independent Electoral Commission, INEC.
“What the judges are saying is that you can choose to swear affidavit that you have WAEC and then present two or three invalidated results and you will not be penalized.
” the danger is that our children will be emboldened not to  bother about WAEC”
“The battle is not actually for Atiku but for the youths and unborn generations”.
He also added that the former vice President is not really fighting for himself but the future of Nigerians and Nigeria alike .
” why I am supporting Dr.Atiku Abubakar, it is a known fact he do not need anything again as he has achieved everything in life .
” Atiku is fighting for us the younger ones and hence he is for everyone”
Sani Added.
He revealed that the former vice President would appeal the judgement .
It would be recalled that the Presidential Election Tribunal struck out all the objections and allegations filed by the Candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP Atiku Abubakar and the party claiming that the 2019 Presidential Election was rigged .


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