A Lot Of Women Get Divorced Due To Candidiasis – Renowned Doctor Reveals

Dr Eric Asante Bimpong (popularly known as Kaakyire Herbal), CEO of Kaakyire Herbal and Ultrasound Lab Center which is Located at Bunso Junction (E/R)has hinted that a lot of marriage break ups are caused by the effects of Vaginal Candidiasis (White).

According to the seasoned Doctor, the causative organism, Candida normally lives inside the body (in places such as the mouth, throat, gut, and vagina) and on skin.

In a studio discussion on the Susubiribi Morning Show on Radio 1FM 100.7MHZ, the able Doctor advised women especially young ladies to intensify personal hygiene in order to prevent marriage break up in the near future.

He again revealed that women who don’t like bathing are more likely to contract the disease in that the candida likes unkept areas.

Moreover, it can go a long way for rendering them barrenness so there is a need to practice personal hygiene.

However, he revealed that his outfit has medications to treat and cure candidiasis.

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