New Life Community, Margibi County– On Sunday (June 30,2019), ten year old Rose Sanyon was reportedly seen severely beaten in the New Life Community, Electoral District #1, Margibi County.

According to the New Life Community Leadership, victim Rose Sanyon(10) was viciously flogged by her guardian, Officer Annie Williams of the Liberia National Police.

Alleged Perpetrator Annie Williams is a Liberian police officer assigned at the Women & Children Protection Unit at the Mount Barclay Police Station in Montserrado County; She and her husband( name unknown), however, reside in the New Life Community, Electoral District #1, Margibi County.

The Chairman of the New Life Community, Mr. Andrew B. Roberts explained, ” On Monday(July 1) afternoon, the community dwellers reported little Rose Sanyon to me, informing me that she was maliciously scourged by her guardian Annie Williams on Sunday night(June 30). The malevolent flogging of little Rose was based on the situation that she (victim Rose) attended a party organized in the neighborhood on the same Sunday. Upon her return from the party, her guardian (officer Annie Williams) apoplectically whipped and prolongingly locked her in-door till the next day (Monday) when her body was seen badly scarred “.

Victim Rose, meanwhile, explained that she was taken from Maryland County and brought in Monrovia by her guardian ( Annie Williams) for schooling. But on the contrary, she has just been home working since her arrival in Monrovia early last year without schooling.

The victim further asserted that she has been usually famished by her guardian for several days.

However, the community dwellers, including Youth Chairman Mulbah Daryan Wuokolo , frowned on the devilish behavior of the alleged perpetrator who is also a police officer; many of whom have questioned her office as a police under the Women and Children Protection Unit which is intended to protect women and children from sexual violence, exploitation, abuse and gender based violence.

The case, through the instrumentality of the Office of Rep. Tarponweh and the New Life Community Leadership, has been forwarded to the Liberia National Police and the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection. The victim is now undergoing medical treatment while the alleged perpetrator is under police custody.

By Shadrach D. Brown, Liberia Correspondent

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