The president of the concerns drivers association of Ghana branch at Akyem Tafo in the abuakwa north municipality E/R ABENBEBOM is appealing to the president NANA Addo Dankwa Akuffu Addo ,the inspector general of police IGP and the local government to make a emergency call up of the law enforcement agencies to the various check point since 60% of drivers drive with national health insurance card

According to ABENBEBOM the 1992 constitution permit law enforcement to conduct drivers check points on state highways. The check points are used to identify drivers who are under the influence and can also used to identify drivers who do not have valid license

The specific used of checkpoint is highly controversial. They have the potential to illegal target migrants, labourers who are unable to drive to the fields to work

Speaking to Nopras FM news anchor Awal Adam, he claimed sobriety checkpoints catch so many unlicensed drivers, many argue they unfairly used to target those who are unable to get license because of their migrants status

The fine for driving without a license are significant which local government can profit from it

The president of the association pleaded to the supervising team to make an operational decision officers must used neutral criteria for stopping drivers

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