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 5 things you should not do at night before bed. Says, the Specialist

27% of people have permanent trouble falling asleep and 73% of people face this problem on an occasional basis. According to Statistics, the causes of poor sleep aren’t always related to health problems. Some evening habits that seem pretty normal to us can actually have a negative impact on our sleep and even cause insomnia.

There are some things you should quit doing before bedtime if you want to get a good night’s rest.

  1. Sleeping with pets

Most of the pet owners like to sleep with their animals and this isn’t a good thing. Animal sleep patterns differ from how humans sleep. Pets’ sleep is shorter and they change positions more often than people which can cause you to wake up during the night.

Also, skin particles and fur can have a negative effect on your health and sleep, even if you’re not allergic to animals. These are the main things that don’t allow us to sleep well at night.

  1. Feeling nervous

If you like to watch the news or argue with someone on the internet before you go to bed, don’t be surprised if you can’t fall asleep. Even more innocuous things can cause sleep problems. Positive emotions aren’t that good in this case since you can be too excited after an important football game or an interesting conversation with a friend to go to bed.

You need to make sure that your mind is calm and relaxed before you go to sleep.

3.Taking pills

If you fall asleep, you may take only sleeping pills. It’s better to take other medications in the first part of the day. Some antidepressants have the effect of sleeping pills and some just make our nervous system more alert. By the way, painkillers also don’t contribute to healthy sleep.

If you have to take certain pills, ask a doctor about the best time to do so.

  1. Drinking water

Drinking too much water might cause sleepless nights and have bags under your eyes in the morning. It doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking water in the evening: you just need to experiment and find out the suitable amount of liquid that won’t cause such problems. Doctors say that, in general, a glass and a half of water is considered to be the norm for most people.

  1. Using electronic devices

It’s advisable to switch off your laptop and phone because these devices emit light that is bad for your sleep. It’s also better to avoid using a phone to read a book before bedtime. Instead, choose a printed book or a special electronic device that is less harmful to your eyes and sleep.

You should also stop working in the evening, otherwise, there’s a great chance that you’ll spend a couple of hours lying in bed and thinking about all the tasks. Instead, clear your mind, create a plan for tomorrow, and write it down.

By: Temitope Adeniran/Nigeria


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