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5 Reasons why some good women get dumped

Some Women are too good to be dumped. They have never cheated,they pick their men’s call, they are available when their men need them and are very ready to be wives. But out of nowhere and without notice,they are dumped, just like that. It’s tragic least to say and surprises all that their perfect mannerisms were not rewarded with a wedding ring.

Unless a woman has an ice cube in place of a heart, it is agonizing. Most women imagine there’s something terribly wrong with them. But here are five reasons why most of them get dumped.

1) Desperation.

Since they are in a relationship, they assume they own the man. They want him to own them in turn. They are livid if the man doesn’t call them or takes long to pick their call. They receive calls immediately. They have never been found doing something when the man called. In short,these women show a man that they are willing to step on hot nails and run over a salty surface to be with them. Guess what?Men hate desperate women who act like the world will come to an end if they are not with them.

2) Giving it too soon.

If you are in a relationship this week and you give in before or on the 90th day (ask Steve Harvey ), he will dump you .Of course, those who gave it sooner and were dumped will cry foul and argue endlessly. Men don’t take the women who give him easily seriously. Again, it’s very naive to make love before you are certain of what you will get in the relationship.

3)Very Available.

To be taken seriously,you need to be scarce. If you are always available for dinner dates,road trips and all,he will get bored.He will be thinking about that woman who replies to his messages after weeks and rarely returns his calls.He will always show up for dates with her,give her flowers and show up at her door and not yours.

4)Very Nagging

Wives who have lived with a man for five plus years,have kids with him and lived on a 100 bob budget with the man in campus for a week are allowed to nag.They are allowed to ask a man hard questions like “where is this going?” Or why can’t we vacate every end year.

They are allowed because they have a ring and a man will have sleepless nights about how and when to leave her.On the other hand,a girlfriend has no nagging rights.Asking hard questions and nagging earns one a place among the single,miserable or happy and waiting ladies.

5)Not Assertive enough

As mentioned earlier,a girlfriend needs to be respectful and not a nag.She also needs to be assertive.You need to know what you want always and how best to get it.Most girlfriends are docile and worship men who can’t marry them or treat them well.If you desire a family man or a man who has christian values,you have no business with unsaved men.You shouldn’t suffer “kawaida”men who don’t meet your ideals.


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