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5 Top Intriguing Reasons Why Married Women Cheat

Here are five intriguing reasons why a married woman might cheat on her husband;

1. Husband’s poor performance in bed

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Any husband who cannot satisfy his wife properly in bed stands a huge risk of watching her go outside the marriage to get what she wants. It might not be her intention to cheat, but if she is constantly denied sexual satisfaction due to her husband’s poor performance in bed, then she may be tempted to seek it elsewhere.

2. Emotional abandonment

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Women in general like to feel emotionally attached to their husbands. Unfortunately, most men fail to give relevance to this kind of connection in their marriages. Physical presence alone does not solve anything, rather the husband must make his wife a friend. This means both must regularly share their problems, needs and expectations. If the emotional needs of the woman are not met, then she is very likely to cheat because she feels insecure around the man.

3. Long distance

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This is one of the biggest causes of cheating in marriages. Some men place so much focus on their jobs that they leave their wives at home for months. Certain jobs demand that the man is away for a very long time. This makes the woman feel lonely, as there is no companionship. You might think every day calls keeps both of you close, but the fact is that the man’s continuous absence could actually make the lady cheat.

4. Money

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While most women are likely to cheat when there is no money at home, studies have shown that financially independent women tend to cheat on their husbands more.

When a woman begins to feel that she is no longer dependent on her husband for financial support, she develops the tendency to cheat on him with men above his status.

When a woman feels superior to her husband, there is the likelihood that she will step out of her marriage often, says relationship expert John Gray, Ph.D.

5. Adventure

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There are times when a married woman will cheat on her husband not because of anything but due to adventure. Ladies in their early 20s usually feel the urge to enjoy life in the best possible way, and most often end up relegating their marriages.

This sort of adventure could make a married woman still feel the need to go to parties or night clubs and this could result in them cheating through one night stands just for the fun of it.


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