48-year-old man becomes impotent after girlfriend leaves him

A 48-year-old man identified as Zecharia Makgwala, has said that since his girlfriend left him, he has lost his virility.
Makgwala, while narrating his ordeal, alleged that he used to be a “sex machine” in bed before his girlfriend left him five years ago.

“She told me she would make sure that I never slept with anyone again,” Makgwala said.
He alleged that since then, all his relationships haven’t been working out.

“I am as good as useless. I found a new girl, but I’m scared of being hurt again. I’ll wait until I fix my problem,” he said.

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When Daily Sun contacted the girlfriend, Salphina, she denied “locking” his penis.

She said, “I dumped him because he was abusive. He used to beat me up. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I left.

In southern Africa, a sangoma is a traditional healer or diviner.

(Daily Sun)

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