42 Years Woman Still Looks Like Pretty 21 Years Old!

She can easily pass for a teenager and she dresses like one. At first glance, many might mistake Lure Hsu for a young student. But the Taiwanese beauty, who has been making waves on the internet is nothing close to being a teenager, nor is she a young student despite her extremely youthful looks.

In reality, fashionable Hsu will be hitting 42 years in August, and thousands of people across the globe are drooling over her amazing youthful looks that make it hard for anyone to believe how old she is.

On her Facebook and Instagram handles, Hsu shares selfies and even more breathtaking photos which attract likes from hundreds of thousands of her followers. Through these platforms, trendy Hsu displays her active and leisure lifestyle.

She wants folks, who desire to look a lot younger, to eat lots of fruits and vegetables alongside drinking sufficient water. According to the interior designer, some of her top secrets include taking lots of water and munching lots of vegetables.

Hsu has advised people to have few sugary drinks, less greasy food, and to drink a cup of black coffee every morning.

She recommends less consumption of meat and more consumption of foods high in fiber and protein. ForAs athletic as they come, Hsu’s real age might have remained anyone’s guess but for her actress younger sister, Sharon, who celebrated her 40th birthday two years ago. her, regular exercise is a must. She further counsels women to moisturize daily and allow their skin enjoy a bit of sun.

Although soon to celebrate her 42nd birthday, if you didn’t know, Hsu could easily pass for a teenager, or at best, a young woman in her early twenties. She’s not apologetic with her dress code either, and this very well gets several folks confused left guessing.

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