The Leader of the Great Divine church international,Apostle lsaac Appiah, has cautioned the leaders of Ghana to be fair in the enforcement of the law against offenders else a civil war will soon overtake the country.

Majority of Ghanaian youth he indicated are higher embittered against the leaders of the country over why politicians who are charged over crime offences are left unpunished unlike the poor citizens who without mercy are speedily prosecuted and sentenced over minimal offences.

Mr lsaac Appiah, in a wild tone expressed shocks over why some known personalities in the country who partook in heinous crimes, murder cases, embezzlement of state funds, double salary,corruption scandal, cocaine trade among others are still walking as free men when they should have been in prison by now.

“Mr lsaac Appiah, the high rate of crime committed by the youth is rooted in the fact that they (youth) have lost confidence in the leaders and therefore won’t be bothered resorting to a foul means for survival.

” We voted you(politicians) to management the resources of this country but what do we see of you?

Per the projections of Mr lsaac Appiah, a fierce civil attack will soon be staged against state officials by aggrieved youth at various regions in the country and this according to him is likely to happen in the upcoming 2020 general elections.

“I see election 2020 as a year of payback. Most politicians will be paid back in their own coin in a violent manner by some youths in the country” he warned.

“2020 elections will not be a peaceful moment for many political figures because youth of today have realised that they have been fooled by these politicians for long” he added.

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