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Just inn: Ghanaians must be careful in any referendum to amend the constitution

Mr. Onnipayede Osom Teye, an independent presidential hopeful, has stated the need of Ghanaians being careful in any referendum to amend the constitution.

In an exclusive interview with the media on Tuesday concerning the about to happing Ghanaian referendum, Mr. Osom Teye continue by saying the constitution is like a beautiful product, with different particle joints together making it one so changing one particle cant affect the whole product, either good or bad.

” example: The qualifications of article 62 is in article 94, so you can’t revoke 62 by amending 94, As good citizens, our interest must be that of the country, when ever citizens are beginning to have any interest apart from Ghana interest, our nation will be plugged in to anarchy.” he hinted.

“So as a country, I am with the view that, before we go for referendum we should know, words by words what is going to replace the existing words in our constitution, else we will wake up one day and our constitution will be of partisan interest, not the interest of the people, that will force everyone to join a political party in order to be citizen” he added.

The independent presidential hopeful lastly urged all Ghanaians to vote NO to avoid this amendment.

Story: Evans Kwaku Oboafi Junior ( HARDROCK )

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