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It is one year now that Kasuwan Magani uprising took place in Kaduna state. What started as a local dispute between Hausa Fulani and Christian Adara people metamorphosis into a serious crisis that led to Fulani Herdsmen entering into Kasuwan Magani attacking and killing people including burning down their properties.
It is so sad that till this DAY some Fulani Herdsmen are still moving around freely attacking and killing Christians all over Kasuwan Magani and its’ people will not forget the incidence of October 2018 which took lives of many during the attack, their losses will never be forgotten.

Many people have lost the lives of loved ones. The lamentations of mothers, father s and widows is still heard till today.
In an interview with James Kabruk who lost his son and daughter, Moses and Jemima, affirmed that the people that were doing the killing were Fulani Herdsmen masquerading as locals. He said he hard never seen anything like that in his entire life. That the perpetrators took delight in the wanton destruction and blood letting. “You can clearly see it in their eyes that they are enjoying what they are doing. It was like a people under the influence of demons”

Ikemuefuna Ogbonna an Igbo Man that had lived in the North all his life said that what the country is turning into now is something unimaginable. He recalled how his cousin and her husband vanished into tin air. Since their daughter who went to school that unfortunate day got killed. He said the missing child Princess Ajagu who was in Jss1 class, was a brilliant girl and was a bundle of joy. He said since the incidence his cousin Princess Joy Ajagu’s whereabouts and that of her husband remained a mystery.

He made a fervent prayer for repose of the gentle souls of the deceased to rest in peace.

He said, these children are so innocent and shouldn’t have lost their lives in this unnecessary carnage. He asked if the country can ever go back to being a peaceful and sweet country like before.

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