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The negative African mentality and the need for revolution By Abdulmumin Giwa

The negative African mentality and the need for revolution

By Abdulmumin Giwa

The problem mostly with African countries is lack of true patriotism and Nationalism. We lack people oriented concepts and ideologies, what we have is personal greed and sentiments embedded in the most decadent sense of individualism. This has grossly affected the development of the countries and the continent at large.

Leaders in Africa have been and are being produced that are more submissive to the global imperialist powers than the interest of their people and nation. This has over time founded a negative trend of defeatist mentality and apologetic reasoning.

It is only in Africa that you see officials of IMF coming in to tell you to devalue your currency and you comply. It is only in Africa that citizens consider their tribal inclinations above their country. It is only in Africa that governments enter contractual agreements with other countries and enslave themselves.

These have founded internal squabbles and crises amongst peoples and the imperialists exploit such to indirectly control such countries. They set the agenda for the leaders, most of who are incompetent and have no focus.

These negativities were induced by colonialism especially in places the colonialists taught their victims everything they knew. They are embedded in a neocolonial life that is not meant to bring developmental progress.

Imagine the climate, human and natural resources embedded in Africa and yet people are still facing hardships. Tenets of developmental progress have not been prioritised. Poor education, poor health, poor infrastructure, poor systems of governance all in Africa.

When the Islamic Republic of Iran emancipated itself from the control of the global imperialists through a revolution led by Imam Khumaini in 1979, today it has become a super power and is running a people’s oriented government. It has achieved over 90% literacy even among women where 80% of them are in the medical sciences and technology. It is today among the leading countries in the world in the most advanced technology called nanotechnology.

But in Africa our agenda has been set on only seeking to get what to eat to survive while our territories are turned into dumping grounds, turned into consumers and dependents.

Imagine a country like Nigeria described as the giant of Africa and yet poverty, hardship, insecurity, corruption and lack of development is reigning. Getting to almost 60 years after independence but is yet to be free from the inherent clutches of colonialism.

Definitely revolution is the only way out whereby a system that is opposing the global imperialism will be put in place and I insist, Iran is an excellent example for us because for as long as those ‘red necks’ and their stooges are incharge we shall forever remain enslaved.

The current Nigerian system in particular will never take us anywhere and take my words, “Not even an Angel from heaven can join the Nigerian system and reform it, it is decadent and and beyond repairs. What we need is a revolution that will bring a new system entirely”. But the choice is ours, to either continue to live as slaves of imperialism or to choose the path glory and of development and sacrifice for our children and children’s children to live happily.

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