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Dr.Sani Adamu Rate Obasanjo,Atiku Govt High in Good Governance,Warns CJN To Respect The Will Of The People.

The Founder and Director General of Deservation.Org has lampooned the government of President Muhammad Buhari for destroying the good legacies of past administrations before it especially the Obasanjo/Atiku administration in the areas of economy and well-being of Nigerians .

Speaking to journalists on Sunday, Dr.Sani recalled that in 1999 when President Olusegun  Obasanjo  and his deputy were sworn in as President and Vice President respectively, they got down to work immediately without blaming the past military regimes for anything .

He said that Obasanjo made Atiku the head of the economic team and the team embarked on serious economic reforms leading to the revoloutom in the telecommunication sector which added over 5 million direct jobs and and 14 million indirect jobs to the economy.

Dr Sani further added that the   Obasanjo/Atiku administration also reformed the agricultural sector which led to the boom in poultry and catfish farming industries in the country, a situation that  also generated additional  3 million direct jobs and another and 7-8  million indirect Jobs to the Nigerian economy .

All these he said happens between 1999-2007.

By and large, Dr Sani also made references to the rising external  debt profile under President Buhari and drew a comparison between Buhari’s handling of Nigerian’s external debt profile .

“In 1999, the external debt of Nigeria stood at about 30 billion USD, the economic team under the leadership of Atiku Abubakar worked out a modality whereby the Paris Club wrote off Nigeria 15% of the debt owed by Nigeria.

“Similarly, other financial  bodies did the same by writing off Nigeria’s debts due to the economic management of the Atiku led economic team .

He, however,lamented that economy has being devastated beyond human imagination by President Buhati’s administration

To the extent that Nigeria’s external debt which was almost wiped off by the Obasanjo /Atiku government has now risen to 81 billion USD in less than 5 years of Buhari’s administration.

He further lampooned the present administration for the highrate of out school children

“We have over 90 million Nigerians who are not employed and there are over 15 million children out of school,adding that to the  double digit inflation which is standing at  about 13 percent , and an economy that is close to another recession, I will say that under President Buhari,Nigerians are living in hell.”

The foremost Human Right advocate from Northern Nigeria further posited that with the proposed tarrif increment on GSM users in the country by the All Progressive Congress, Apc led administration has all but destroyed the good legacies of the past administration.

He warned that ” Nigeria today is at a crossroad and is  in dire need of a surgical operation to remove  from it the spirit of   economic depression, financial papurization of the citizens and conflicts that have bedeviled  the country since Buhari took over.”.

To Dr Sani, Adamu, the only person capable of bringing back Nigeria from the brink is Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

“The former Vice President has shown from his experience, pedigree and present activies has shown that only him has the capacity to bring unity and revamp our economy”

And in the countdown to the hearing of Atiku’s  appeal against the ruling of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal,PEPT by the Supreme court, the Human Rights activist charged the Chief Justice of Nigeria,CJN, Tanko Muhammad to be mindful of history and the mood of the people  of Nigeria be rightly guided

“As the nation awaits the list of panel of judges of the supreme court who are  listen to to the former vice president’s appeal,  wish to remind the CJN about the previous cases which were similar so that he can rightfully guided.

“Here is the list of the top 7 most senior JSCs that handled the 1st presidential election petition in Nigeria on August 11, 1979 between Chief Obafemi Owolowo [petitioner] vs Alhaji Shehu Shagari & 2 others [respondents]‬

‪[1] Fatayi Williams CJN‬

‪[2] Ayo Irikefe JSC ‬

‪[3] Muhammed Bello JSC ‬

‪[4] Chike Idigbe JSC ‬

‪[5] Andrews Otutu-Nobaseki JSC ‬

‪[6] Kayode Eso JSC ‬

‪[7] Muhammed Lawal Uwais JSC ‬

Out of the 7 JSCs, ‪six decided in favour of Alhaji Shagari with 1 dissenting or nay voice, Kayode Eso JSC.‬”

“I therefore called on Justice Tanko Mohammed to be very much conscious of the mood of Nigerians before making any wrong move”.

The activist also had a note of warning for the Supreme Court Justices who would decided on the case between the Peoples Democratic Party ,PDP Candidate Atiku Abubakar and the Candidate if the APC.  Muhammad Buhari

” as for those that would sit and take the decision, they should know that Nigerians wants their stolen mandate returned and nothing more”.

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