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INTERVIEW: Ahead of The Presidential Election Tribunal Judgement, Dr Sani Talks About His Expectations



We are talking to Dr. Sani Adamu, the founder of, National convener Project774ForAtiku2019, Prime Mover of The PUKKA Initiative and now advocate for Justice delayed is not justice denied

Q, 1, *Dr. can you tell us more about yourself ?*

I am Dr. Sani Adamu, a Nigerian, a patriotic Citizen, and a believer in the capacity of the former Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Waziri of Adamawa ,His Excellency Atiku Abubakar to resolve the difficulties Nigeria and Nigerians are going through now. I am an incurable optimist and influencer of good governance, and the vision I always carry with me is “what can I do for Nigeria and not what Nigeria can do for me”.

Q.2 *what really motivated into all the projects you had undertaken in support of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and the PDP presidential candidate 2019 general election*

My major motivation is to see that Nigerians have a Country that ensures their wellbeing, a Country that offers equitable opportunities, and a Country where the leadership is sensitive, emphatic, responsive and zealous on anything that affects the citizens. This will not be realized until we have a good leader in place, and this my second motivation- that Atiku Abubakar possess the capacity and reach to make Nigeria and Nigerians proud. Every difficulty we now have is because we have more of incompetent people occupying the leadership, albeit, through a stolen mandate. I have said severally that a stolen mandate can never yield any good to this Country.

Q.3. *The judgment of the presidential election between the PDP and APC candidates is coming up on Friday. What is your anticipation of the judgment?*

Assessing the performance of the Election Tribunals across the Country is simple. Observing the outcome of several election petitions, I can say that the Judiciary remains the last hope of the common man, who is law-abiding. The results of the various litigations turned out to be based on the facts of the case. Their performance is therefore satisfactory. However, the systems allow petitioners who are still unsatisfied with the outcome of election tribunals to appeal their cases up to the Supreme Court. I will continue to urge the Hon. Justices to deliver judgement without fear or favour. I will call on them to deliver judgement that are also acceptable to God.

Q.4. *With the judgment of the presidential candidates of PDP and APC, do you think the judiciary can be the last hope of the common man?*

The Presidential Election Tribunal is expected to deliver the judgement on or before Friday. I anticipate the Hon. Justices to deliver judgement without fear or favour. Nigerians are watching, the international Commuinity is watching. The good thing about this judgement is that even the layman in the street seemed to have the facts of the case. The merits or demerits of the matter is in the public domain. PMB has no basic certificate to make him eligible to stand any elective office. In addition, and that is what has made this case worst for Buhari is the affidavit he swore to support his submissions to INEC. The witnesses he brought to support his defence performed creditably well. They stated the truth, way out of the direction Buhari had wanted them to. I anticipate that the stolen mandate enjoyed by PMB and his party, the APC will come to the end on Friday, Insha’Allah. Nigerians will welcome the end of this incompetent collection of scavengers. Things will be good and better for Nigeria and Nigerians.

Q.5. *What do you think is the anticipation of Nigerians on the coming judgment?*

The judiciary was created to give hope to the hopeless, to delver justice to whoever is on the side of truth and reason. The Judiciary is not the creation of the Executive or the Legislative arm of Government. The Judiciary is the watch dog of the society. Consequently, the Judiciary will remain the last hope of the common Man. This means that all you need is to arm yourself with truth, honesty and reason. The delivery of Justice does not rely on technicalities, but on the facts of the case. The judgement we expect on Friday is a landmark and historical one. Everything is at stake, consequently the five Hon. Justices will go beyond the technical to the substance of the case. We expect them to deliver judgement courageously, based on the substance of the matter.

Q.6. *Supposing the judgment favours President Buhari, what should the PDP presidential candidate do?*

Please read my lips based on what I have already stated above. If the “judgement favours Buhari” is a hypothetical one. When we are sure of our case as presented by our legal team, acting on behalf of over fifteen million Nigerians who truly voted for Atiku Abubakar, we do not anticipate anything other than victory. I want us to realize that this case is beyond Atiku Abubakar or the PDP. This is a case between the truth and falsehood, for the people and against the people, for progress or stagnation. The current hardship experienced daily by Nigerians is expected to come to an end, with the delivery of justice on or before  Friday. In short, the question is what would Nigerians do if justice is miscarried?

Q.7. *What is the future of Nigeria under the APC-led administration?*

I have said it before, and I wish to state again and again, that if you want to see what the future of Nigeria under Buhari would be, just look back on the last four years- between 2015 and 2019. Are we batter off than we were before the 2015?
We are more divided then ever, Nigeria has become the poverty capital of the World, insecurity across the States have assumed a more terrible dimension, the Boko Haram insurgency has worsened, banditry, kidnapping for ransom, herdsmen / farmers clash has worsened. Internationally, Nigeria has become a laughingstock, neglected by the motherland called Nigeria. Corruption has been exported to all Nigerians’ embassy across the World. Corruption has been legitimised by PMB and the Ruling party the APC. Steal money as much as you can and join the APC, your case will not be heard or even exposed. In fact, you stand the chance of being appointed a Minister in this government. Unemployment has worsened. Over 100 million Nigerian are unemployed. The few employment opportunities available in the public service has been hijacked by the cabal . their families and their inner circle in the bureaucracy. Employment opportunities are allocated to them in bulk. In turn they sell it to desperate parents or Nigerians for prices ranging from N250,000 to N5,000,000.oo ( from Civil Defence Corps to IFRS, CBN, NNPC and other first rated parastatals.). I have said it, a stolen mandate will never, ever, yield any good for this Country. The future of Nigerians under PMB has been bleak, and will so, until Atiku Abubakar recovers his mandate on Friday.

Q.8. *Do you have the believe that the judiciary will be fair and impartial ?*

I hold the total belief that the Judiciary will be fair and impartial. On our side, we have proved our case beyond reasonable doubt. The legal team of the PDP and Atiku Abubakar have performed brilliantly well. We have confidence in their expertise to extract justice before any Court of law. Nigerians look forward to this landmark judgement. The five members tribunal has everything at stake. This is a judgement that will follow them to their graves and go before the Almighty God on Judgement Day. The Justices have more at stake than anybody. They have more to gain bay delivering a fair and impartial judgement. This is what they would do on Friday, Insha’Allah.

Q.9. *Supposing the judgement favours His Excellency Atiku Abubakar , what would be your reaction ?*

If the judgement on that day favours Atiku Abubakar, the victory will be for all Nigerians. The reaction expected from Nigerians is that of celebration. The people will celebrate the Judiciary and the rule of law. PMB and the APC would have been exposed naked for unfaithfulness to Nigerians. Nigeria will join the committee of proud Nations. Patriotism will return. Progress will return. Economic prosperity, equitable opportunity, peace and security will return. Unity , peace, and progress will return to our motherland from Friday, Insha’Allah.

Q.10. *You were reported as saying that you will sue President Buhari for forgery, perjury and more,can you tell us more ?*

I have approached my Lawyers to sue PMB for forgery, and perjury. PMB swore an affidavit in his submission to INEC. He could not prove what he has stated in the affidavit. From all intent and purposes, Buhari has gotten away with so many crimes right from the time enlisted into the Nigerian Army in 1962. No one has ever challenged Buhari’s qualification or otherwise. Buhari has exploited to the fullest, what is wrong in our system. The fact that Buhari has always been an incompetent military officer, military head of State, PTF chairman and now the elected President between 2015 and 2019, has proved beyond reasonable doubt that Buhari do not have the required foundation to build his carrier on. This case has opened the dishonesty in Buhari. He is not what we had thought he is. Consequently, Buhari will be prosecuted as soon as he is stripped of immunity on Friday, Insha’Allah.

Q.11. **Are you been paid by any ?*

On the question of whether I am paid to do what I enjoy doing, the answer is categorical NO! I started this movement since 2011. When I started the DESRVATION movement, I had a belief in my mind that this Country needs the person of Atiku Abubakar to lead and take us to the promised land. I saw in Atiku, what most of us have failed to see. We are not doing any favour to Atiku Abubakar by promoting his ideals. Atiku Abubakar has remained an enigma in Nigeria’s political landscape. Nothings move well without Atiku Abubakar. He improves upon whatever he has at hand. This is endowed on Atiku Abubakar by the Almighty God. The earlier we get Atiku to the position of Leadership in Nigeria, the more we shall get out of him. I can tell you, right from this Friday, Nigeria will change int the hands of Atiku Abubakar. The celebrations will be a memorable for years to come. I promised myself to use whatever I must pursue the ideals of Atiku Abubakar. This is what I love doing , and this is what I hope to achieve.

Q.12. *What are your own personal political ambition come 2023 ?*

My personal ambition come 2023 is to imbibe into myself, the qualities, character and ideals of Atiku Abubakar. Personally, the ambition is to have AA in the political leadership of this Country. Atiku Abubakar is a Man for all seasons. I will continue to promote the ideals of Atiku Abubakar. When he takes over the leadership on Friday, I will fight for proper representation and mentoring of the youth. We shall groom Atiku’s successor and we wait to see what we accomplish by the year 2023. But the future is great for Nigeria, under Atiku Abubakar. This remains my personal ambition from now to 2023.

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