14year old girl arrested for selling marijuana in school

Members of Reaction Unit, South Africa, have arrested a fourteen (14) year old girl for allegedly selling marijuana in school.

The ninth grade high school student confessed to have been received the illicit drugs from her 17 year old sister who was in eleventh grade, of the same school.

According to reports, the officers got information that a teenager in the school was selling cannabis to the students during lunch break.

The reaction unit then made way to the ninth grade class(J.s.s 3) of the school in company of a female officer and the class educator.

It was reported that as soon as the officers entered the class, the girl quickly tossed the pink pencil case from her school bag to a nearby desk.

Upon interrogation, she told the officers that her 17 year old sister who was sick and couldn’t get to school that day had asked her to deliver the drugs to a boy in school who would assist her with the trade for that day, in her abscence.

She further disclosed that there were students who buy regularly at them rate of R5.00 each

She said “My sister sells the drugs to other pupils in school but she is not fine, and cannot make it to school today so she asked me to give the drugs to a guy, who would help sell to other students that normally buy from my sister”

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