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11-year-old maid who tried to commit suicide due to abuse from her guardian, is rescued

An 11-year-old girl has been reunited with her family after suffering domestic abuse from her guardian in Asaba, Delta state, Nigeria.

The girl was rescued after a well-meaning Nigerian saw bruises all over her body and raised alarm. She was seen last Friday with injuries on her head and all over her body. She also looked malnourished and the good Samaritan was moved to reach out to her.

When questioned, she broke down in tears and revealed that she lives with her aunt who beats and starves her. She also said she wants to go back to her parents in Warri but doesn’t know how to find her way home. When asked where her parents live, she couldn’t give an address but said they live in Warri. She gave her mother’s name as Rebecca and her father’s as Isaac.

She said she was tired of living with her aunt and would rather die than continue suffering abuse. She further disclosed that she had tried committing suicide and drank hypo but on realizing what she had done, she quickly took palm oil to neutralize it.

Afterwards, Due Process Advocates (DPA) Warri, Delta Chapter led by Edafe Joshua stepped in and took steps to reunite the girl with her family.

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